Advancements of SimCity BuildIt: The Game Everyone Loves

SimCity is a video game series that is played by youngsters who are willing to act as mayors and develop their own city according to their design and capacity. It was first developed in California and is sold all over the world as it is much preferred especially by the young teens and youth all over the world.

In this game the player is given a vast stretch of land. He has to build constructions and develop it into a good urban land. The citizens first require some good residential area to live in. Houses have to be built and water facility has to be provided, electricity produced and supplied to houses and roads have to be laid. The next facility that is required is shopping points and provision of employment which require offices and other work spots. Employment can be provided through industries and factories as well as farms. Unless these services are provided, citizens cannot live happily in these towns. Money is required for all these provisions.

SimCity was primarily a single player game. But it soon branched to the multiplayer mode by which maps and cities can be shared with other players. As the first game in the series, SimCity, the game was first introduced in 1985.

SimCity BuildIt Guide

 SimCity 2000 was introduced in 1994 with vast changes and improvements such as introducing water facility through pipes and subways to overcome traffic. Hospitals, libraries, schools and other facilities were also introduced along with airports and seaports. Power plants through wind turbines, coal, hydroelectric dams and natural gas were also brought into the game. The query tool was a unique feature of this version.

Simcity3000 was then added wherein issues like waste management, meeting with mayors of other cities, land value given priority, etc. were introduced. The game by itself became more complex and was filled with colorful landscapes and graphics.

SimCity 4 brought in more changes to the size of the region; building sizes were improved and changes brought in terms of wealth zones.

SimCity BuildIt was a new version of SimCity on the Android and on the App Store by which real currencies could also be used. Many more features have been added to the game to make it more interesting. However every improvement means more cash or Simoleons. Simoleons have to be generated within the game by playing in a professional manner. It can also be generated through simcity buildit hack apk which offers unlimited currencies. Unless the player has Simoleons, he cannot build residential areas, industrial areas and provide services like infrastructure, police protection, fire-fighter facilities, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities. All these are expenditures that the mayor has to incur to keep the city running. The main source of income is the tax paid by the residents or the Sim citizens. Hence the player has to keep generating good income if he has to keep the city running in good condition and satisfy the citizens so that they may pay tax.

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